Elisa Osborne, Venezuelan born and American raised has been performing, teaching, creating and investigating dance in New York City for 20 years. Human interactions and the unveiling of the self are two motivations in her investigations. She aims to bring about authenticity based on the presence of the self and ask unanswerable questions about identity, socio-political standing, and decolonization of body and spirit. She is currently working on her own choreographic endeavors as well as movement, choreography, and mixed media works.

Open for collaborations and commissions.

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Elisa Osborne

Own Choreography and Improvisation Work

How to move from a place of authentic connection to the present moment

2019 “Smile and Only Say White Things to me” a solo evening and Installation presentation at Projektraum LS43 as part of #scopln Artist in Residency program.

2019 Butemporary Caravan as part of PAF Berlin, a week long dancing Caravan with ending Performances at K77, Berlin.

2019 “Gag Games” solo live Performance as part of Amalgam Solo Fest at Acker Stadt Palast

2019 “Solo Morning Practice” as part of Crude Saturdays at Tic Tac Arts Center

2019 “How Far Does a Tear Goes” live Performance as part of Amalgam Solo Fest at Acker Stadt Palast

2019 Film Collaboration with Justus Ramm at Lake Studios Berlin “Lie Be”

2018 Weile: Who Own Your Body? Os&En Presented at Bushwick Art Fair and ChaShaMa BAT Open Studios

2018 “A Touch A Well” Os&En Presented by Fringe Providence 2018

2018 “The Gilded Pod” Os&En Presented and Commissioned  by ChaShaMa as part of the Gala 2018

2018 “Well” Presented by Movement Research as part of Open Performances

2017 “Touch to Sea Too” to be presented at Edge Zones Gallery as part of Miami Art Fair

2016 “Nasty Woman” at the Bronx Museum curated by Hector Canonge, New York

2015 “LieBE” Dusseldorf, Germany

Choreographer/ Performer/ Dramaturge for “The 5th Proposition”

2015 “The Cult of Kant” at Dörfler, Reisholzerwerftstr. 77 Düsseldorf, Germany

2015 “The Gilded Kant” at Judson Church

2015 “The Gilded Kant Regilded: Homage to Pina Bausch” at Glasshouse Gallery, New York

2014 Participated in Gothenburg Opera’s improvisation at Chalmers University of Gothenburg

Group Work

The sensation of moving in unison is comparable to the natural rhythms in nature..

2016 Rastro Dance

2015 Collaboration with Karen Boesser “I Kill Ill You” Düsseldorf, Germany

2015 VIGA212 “After Tomorrow”, New York

2014 Rebecca Lazier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaevgzRIbco New York

2010 - 2014 Collaboration with Patricia Hoffbauer, George Emilio Sanchez, Peggy Gould, Peter Richards, Laura Gilbert, and Alyssa Alpine. Para - Dice Stage 2 https://vimeo.com/81776335 New York

2012 - 2013 Sally Silver’s “Bonobo Milkshake”https://vimeo.com/59548914 New York and Washington D.C.

2004 - 2014 Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLKXqv400y0 New York

2009 Rastro Dance https://vimeo.com/24184331 New York

2004 - 2006 Mark Morris Dance Group (London, Berkeley, New York)

2001-1999 Ballet Dancer in Various Companies: Connecticut Ballet, Long Island Ballet, Lexington Ballet, New Jersey Ballet.


To teach to move as oneself within the foundations of anatomy.

2018 - Present Pilates Instructor at Equinox, NYC

2017 - Present Pilates Instructor at Clay Spa Manhattan, NYC

2018 - Assisted Irene Dowd’s Hip Phrase during Melt Workshop at Movement Research, NYC

2017 -  Assisted Irene Dowd’s Spirals During Melt Workshop at Movement Research, NYC

2015 - Taught neuromuscular facilitation and dance workshop at Tanzhaus NRW. Dusseldorf, Germany

2015 - Taught company classes for “Karen Boesser Projects”. Dusseldorf, Germany

2014 - Substitute teacher for International Ballet Master Teacher Janet Panetta, NYC

2014 - Assisting Patricia Hoffbauer and George Emilio Sanchez at Barnard/Columbia University, NYC

2014 - Assisted Irene Dowd with “Volutes” as part of a teacher training, NYC

2013 - Taught Ballet portion of audition to P.A.R.T.S. auditionees, NYC

2010 - 2011 Assisted Patricia Hoffbauer in the choreographing of “For This reason I will Call this Dance...” at the New York University’s Second Avenue Company

2007 to 2015 Taught Ballet,  Modern and Pilates at Mark Morris Dance Center to children and adults, NYC

2008 to 2015 Pilates Mat at Hunter College, Mark Morris Dance Center, 92St Y, and privately, NYC

2007 Taught Master Classes in "Open Look Festival" St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 - 2007 Taught Master Classes at North Carolina School of the Arts for "Dance Arts Exchange", North Carolina

2006 Choreographed for the United Nations Singers Spain Tour, NYC

2005 to 2007 Taught Ballet and Modern at Dancewave to children and adults. Also arranged "Kosile's" - Moondog Section choreographed by Dusan Tynek, on Kids Company II  and choreographed for Young Movers Group, NYC

2006 - 2014 taught Pilates, Repertory, and Composition at Windhover in Rockport, Mass as part of the Dusan Tynek Dance Theater's Summer Residency, where each year choreographed a site specific piece for the students, NYC


Education never ends, especially when we make it play

1993 - 1998 University of North Carolina School of the Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree & High School Diploma in Dance

1991 - 1993 Ballet Concerto and Maria Tereza Carrizo Schools in Miami, FL

1989 - 1991 Ballet Teresa Careno under Josefina Conde de Concheso. Caracas, Venezuela

1987 - 1989 Ballet Lidija Franklin. Caracas, Venezuela


2017 - Certified in “Creating New Highly Targeted Dancerly Warm - Up Choreography Based PNF Patterns” by Irene Dowd

2016 - Certified in “Choreographing Variations on PNF Patterns”by Irene Dowd

2016 - Certified in “PNF Choreographies” by Irene Dowd

2014 - Certified in “Volutes” Dance by Irene Dowd

2013 - Certified in “Idiokinesis”by Irene Dowd

2012 - Certified in “Flower Seed Dance” by Irene Dowd

2012 - Certified in “The Dancer’s Arms: From Hand to Heart” by Irene Dowd

2012 - Certified in “Arthrokinematics and Anatomical Coaching of the Knee Joint in Relationship to the Whole Body” by Irene Dowd

2011 - Certified in “Clinics in Manual Skills and Tactile Strategies: Focusing on Extremities of Feet, Hands, and Top of the Spine” by Irene Dowd

2010 - 2012 Pilates Certification at the Kane/ Kinected School, NYC


2014 David Zambrano “Flying Low” and Improvisation

2014 Eleanor Bauer “Learning by Dancing”

2012 Irene Dowd’s “Resonance”

2010 Miguel Gutierrez

2007 Gaga with Ohad Naharin

2003-2006 Mark Morris

2000 Complexions

Residencies and Tours

2018 - Residency at Lake Studios, Berlin December 26 2018 to January 2019

2013 - Residency at the “Painted Bride” with Patricia Hoffbauer and George Emilio Sanchez, Philadelphia

2013 - Residencies at Baryshnikov Arts Center with Sally Silvers and Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre, NYC

2013 - Tour to Serbia with Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre, Serbia

2010 Residency at "The Yard" with Patricia Hoffbauer, Peggie Gould, George Emilio Sanchez, and Peter Richards, Martha’s Vineyard

2009 Mexico and Venezuela touring with "Rastro Dance".

2007 Performed in "American Dance Platform" Krakow, Poland, "International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival" Bytom, Poland, and "Open Look Festival" St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 - 2007 Collaboration performances with Maggie Lloyd in Rhode Island College, Brown Mini - Fest, Brown University, and Bowerbird Festival in Philadelphia

Press Highlights and Mentions




Outside the Stage

2016 Internship at Movement Research as Database Intern and Studio Check in

2016 Translator (Spanish) and Paralegal Duties at Howard Rosengarten P.C. (212) 533-2606.

2014 - Marketing and Development for VIGA212

2014 - Participated in a Body/Sculpture performance for reconstructing Ana Mandietta”s collaboration with Hans Breder in Mind’s Mirror at Ethan Cohen Gallery in New York.  https://www.ecfa.com/minds-mirror--hans-breder-1964-2014

2010 to 2013 Aided Patricia Hoffbauer with marketing, fundraising and logistics for “Para-Dice”.

2009 to 2011 Booking Representative for Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre.

2004-2007 Administrative Assistant at Peter B. Cannell. (212) 752-5255.

1999-2000 Volunteer Coordinator, Community Organizer and Logistics Assistant to AIDS Walk New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. MZA Events - http://www.mzaevents.com/