…I guess I am calling my collaborators gods and goddesses because I never stretch, enjoy, cry, suffer and release more than when faced to see my own self through the face of another. Here are the most recent ones, some quite uplifting and some quite and quietly painful, always looking for more to learn and experience with others.


What happens when a Venezuelan dance artist and a Chinese multidisciplinary artist come together to embody vulnerability in performance? Tackling topics of gender, trust, and the subliminal, we perform from the place of a merged identity. We seek a state of synchronicity and intuitive dialogue, where our bodies speak for and with each other.


The Fifth Proposition:

Multi-Media fling with German visual artist Benjamin Bohnsack in New York City and Düsseldorf.


Os&En and The Fifth Proposition Video Footage:

Photo Credit: Marley Kirton and Pamela